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My obsession: Black Milk

Long gone are the days of designer clothes and "label whoring", save one. I had this app on my phone called Wanelo. It was a shopping app where you basically discovered stuff to buy. One day I found the most amazing pair of mermaid leggings on their, the company responsible was Black Milk, located in Australia.

I looked around their site and I was obsessed. So many cool designs and collabs with pop culture brands. The only problem, its expensive! The mermaid leggings were out of stock for months until FINALLY one day I got them!!! That was around my birthday last year. Ever since I got my first piece of Black Milk I've been hooked.


They do a lot of limited items and you literally have to be online the second they're released or you won't get them. (They do not limited pieces too.) Lucky for me they're usually released 9am Australia time. So that's 4pm the previous day here! Since I get home at 2pm this works our perfectly for me. :) I still have to be quick though.

The name of this release was "Witch Please". There was one limited dress in particular that I wanted SO bad. Last limited dress I wanted during the Game Of Thrones release I didn't get. So I was determined this time. I"m happy to report I was successful!!

Teal Geometric floral dress

I was only going to get that one, since that was the only limited piece I wanted but the call of the galaxy blue skater was too strong. I've wanted the bodycon galaxy blue dress but never got it, the skater dress is even more flattering though! Ahhhh I can't wait to get it!

Galaxy blue scoop skater dress

I promised myself no more Black Milk until they do the Disney Princess release. Which I have a feeling is going to really hurt my wallet. lol
I apologize if I spammed anyone this AM. I changed my pw so hopefully things are fixed. :)

New foundation - Cover FX

I have been fiercely loyal to my Laura Mercier Oil-free for well over 5 years. It's still a great foundation, it never broke me out and the coverage was fabulous. However since my skin has much improved in the time I've been using it, I was starting to feel like it was too heavy. I didn't need THAT much coverage, plus after a few hours of wear I have to blot now and then, nothing major.

So with much apprehension, I decided to go look for a new foundation. I say apprehension because my skin can be temperamental and the wrong thing (cough, MAC, cough, smashbox, cough, Bare Minerals, etc) can turn it into a disaster zone.

I went to the Sephora in Cerritos and explained case. I said I wanted a foundation that wasn't as heavy but DID NOT break me out. The sephora girl pointed me in to direction of the Cover FX girl who happened to be in the store that day.

I had actually purchased the cover fx concealer about a year ago, but never used it because I bought a color that was too light for me and never got around to returning it. (The girl said I should try to exchange it anyway... so I'm going to attempt that soon.

She put a primer on me and informed me I had combination skin...that was news to me! lol I thought it was straight up oily. She applied the liquid foundation with a foundation brush then dusted translucent powder over it. She said the translucent powder did not contain talc so it wouldn't come off looking chalky. (And it didn't.)

It looked really, really good! My intent was only to try it out but of course I ended up purchasing it. =p And to my surprise, maybe because it's a water based foundation, it does not make me oily! Even after hours of wear I don't have to blot. Last week when I went to Low End I was in the super hot main room and I still didn't get oily. It was a bit of an investment but I'm completely happy with my purchase! :)

Cover FX Natural FX Water Based Foundation SPF 15

Cover FX Setting FX Translucent Setting Powder

Family vacation to Maui!!!!

I had been looking forward to this trip since LAST year. For the past couple years I had forgone the family vacations to go visit my ex. Hindsight is always 20/20 right? So when this year came around I was dead set on going with them to Maui!

First it was even iffy if I would even be able to get the time off of work July is a hard month to get if your seniority isn't high. Luckily they did give it to me...which was good cause I'd already bought the $$$ plane ticket!

July felt like it would never roll around, I swear throughout the year ever family gathering had a discussion about Maui. lol But finally July 24th finally arrived. I couldn't have been happier!

My parents, my sister Mercy her husband and neice Janelle, my sister Marlo, her husband and my neice Megan and nephew Mikey all hopped on the plane and made our way to paradise. After a long 5hr flight, short 1hr layover in Honolulu and another 45min flight we arrived.

To write what happened day by day for a week might be a bit much for my brain since it was a few months ago. But let me just say it was the BEST vacation I've ever had in my entire life.

Not to sound totally cheesy, but it completely rejuvenated my soul and awakened things in me I hadn't felt in so so long. When I was younger you couldn't get me out of the water. Whether it was a pool, river or beach I lived to swim and just be outdoors. That week I lived in my bikini and I lived in the water. We did do a few excursions (snorkeling and a raft ride) but my M.O. was to RELAX and I did just that. It was SO amazing.

Oh and the place we were staying at, which is my sisters timreshare, The Westin Kaanapali Villas was a-maz-ing. To be in paradise in the lap of luxury is having your cake and ice cream too! And our villa was ocean view only a few hundred yards from both the pool AND the beach!! The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

Welcome to Paradise!! (My iphone takes amazing pics btw...)

View from our balcony at sunset



Another day, another perfect sunset


Walking down to a hidden snorkeling spot

My nephew Mikey and a local =p

mee in my uniform for the week lol

Shaved ice = heaven

Me and my niece megan

Mom, Megan, Mikey and my dad

Another local


View from our balcony

So gorgeous at dusk!


Tons more pics here...just threw them in there so they can be a bit repetitive! lol

A few recent purchases...

Time to make good on my promise to update! I'll start simply enough with a couple of recent purchases. :) Back to the basics, huh?

I'm going to VEGAS to celebrate my birthday next Friday so I've been gearing up for that little venture. On Saturday after work me and my co-worker/friend Leslie went to the shopping center to hit up Old Navy and a wannabe Forever 21 store that I'd never been to.

Old Navy was a bust for me but I saw so much cute stuff at the wannabe F21!! Limited myself to these two must-haves. The sequence skirt is definitely for Vegas! lol I don't think there's many other places you can wear a skirt like that.

Hello Kitty "Music is my life" crop top

Sequence mini skirt

Abstract print tank

A few weeks ago I gave into a MAJOR lemming and finally bought my Tokidoki LA hoodie. I have been dying for this thing since it first went on the site!!! I waited until it was on sale for nearly half off then finally gave in...I couldn't miss out on this since I rep LA with crazy prid. :) And pink/leopard...helllo!!!


Should I start LJing again? Is anyone still here to read it or care?

I have a tumblr but I don't really update it like a blog, I do post my writing there however. :)

lmk...if anyone is here!


Sephora order and Lia Sophia jewelery

Sephora sent the V.I.B's a 15% off coupon that was good for a week. I didn't get to take advantage of it right away because my Vegas vacation took most of my fun money. However I was able to place an order right before the code expired.

I'd been wanting to buy the Benefit "Mr. Bright" set since I first saw it. Mostly because I'd been wanting to try the Erase Paste and Girl meets pearl. I already like the high beam and the posie tint seemed intriguing too. A nice way to try all these products without plunking down money for the full versions.

LOVE the packaging!!

I literally just tried out the products, so this is my intitial reaction. I'm sure you'll here more about it later on as I keep trying them out.

Girl Meets Pearl - How this varies from ThatGal remains to be seen. I know that gal is more of a primer but they are both supposed to make you "glow". I'd need to do my makeup full out to see the difference, or see if they can be used together. So far I liked the glow it gave my bare skin. :)

Posie Tint - Pinky-peach tint is right up my alley. I used it only on my cheeks. It suggested to put 3 swipes but I found 2 worked better for me. Like it, dunno if I'd buy a full size though.

Erase Paste - The product I wanted to try most out of the set. So far I REALLY like it. The salesgirls never let me get it because they warned it wasn't good for oily skin. HOWEVER, I only plan on using this as an undereye concealer. Putting this anywhere else on my face would be nutso. Really like the coverage, staying power is yet to be seen. Also I had to use a TINY amount so even the small sample will last a good while.

Highbeam - I was already a fan of this product, nice highlighter. I prefer my Tokidoki highlighter though, so I've never bought the full size. :)

Other purchases

OPI for Sephora in "Lost without my GPS" (LOL, so bought this because of the name...)
OPI for Sephora in "Caribbean Cocktail"
2 liquid liners, I already love these..I guess sephora must be reformulating them though because they were on sale. =/

Oh and here is the jewelery I ordered from my sisters Lia Sophia party. I wore most of it in Vegas already.

These hoops are so gorgeous on

Purple Rain

Debbie has been itching to do my hair again and she finally got the chance Sunday. I was REALLY torn as to what direction to go. Either go back to ALL black or change my highlights to purple.

I loved the blue but the upkeep was too much for me. Plus blue fades to an ugly algae green that I just could not handle! So I knew the blue had to go. I literally polled half the people at work and drove my family insane with the hair question. My co-worker Leslie was probably ready to throw me overboard. In the end I chose the purple because I just wasn't ready to go back to plain black.

I must say that I already love it a lot more!! The color looks smashing in black hair and it's not going to fade to a gross green. If I can handle the upkeep is yet to be seen. I had her add a few more panels of color to balance it out a bit.

The hair is already a hit. ;) It has me doing crazy things, haha

My favorite products of 2010

I hadn't done this in awhile so, why not? :) A lot of the products have been the same year to year but I have a few new favorites!

Foundation: Laura Mercier Oil Free

I have used this foundation for over 6-7 years! Wow. I am hesitant to try a new one simply because this one looks great and doesn't reek havoc on my skin. I use just a bit so I've had my current bottle for a long while.

Overall concealer: Benefit Boing

Once again, something I started using years ago. It doesn't get cakey, blends nicely and is nice to my skin.

Under-eye concealer: Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer *New*

I was in the market for a new under eye concealer and the girl at Sephora suggested this one. The price was a little bit much, at first, but now I feel it's totally worth it! It goes on SO light and blends perfectly. The coverage is great, espcially since I work graveyard but it is not thick or cakey at all! It stays all day too and you only need a teeny-tiny bit! The tube will probably has me all year. I really haven't tried it as an overall concealer yet...maybe it'll replace "boing" in 2011.

Face primer: Benefit That Gal

I've been using this for about 2 years now. My skin tends to get a bit red and this cancels it out. Just putting this on alone makes me look refreshed and "alive" lol

Pore concealer: Benefit Pore fessional *new

Been using this for a few months now, love it still! I think I like it better then the Clinque version so far because the Clinque one seemed to get a funky smell after awhile. =/ The price is a bit much but since you don't use a ton, it should last a long while.

Eye primer: Urban Decay Primer potion

Once again, I've been using this forever and have no plans on changing. Without it my eye makeup is gone/messed up in a few hours thanks to my oily lids. This one should pretty much be in the beauty hall of fame. lol

Eye liner: Sephora long lasting liquid liner *new

For a long time I used Too Faced lava gloss liner but one day I picked up this one and never looked back! I liked the lava gloss because it was a dark inky line for being a pencil but this one is even darker and it doesn't end up looking matte like the lava gloss liner does. The best party, it's only $10!

Mascara: Covergirl lash blast waterproof

This mascara looks fab and the price is even more fab! I've tried expensive mascaras and they don't stay on OR look as good as the lash blast. My sister got me using this, haven't looked back since.

Shimmer/Highlighter: Tokidoki Luminosa Powder

Though I found the Tokidoki cosmetic line to be a bit disappointing this was a definite WIN. It gives the skin a hint of shimmer and a gorgeous glow without a disco ball effect. It makes my skin look awesome and as an added bonus, the packaging is adorable.

Beautiy Products

Perfume: Britney Spears Fantasy

I've been using this for about 4-5 years and I still get compliments on it when I wear it out. It smells so yummy! This is my "going out" perfume. I usually wear it at night and reserve the daytime for my Harajuku Lovers perfumes in Music and G.

Detangler: John Frieda Root Awakening detangler

Anyone with long hair can tell you what a pain it is to comb out wet, long hair. I spray this on first and have NO problems with tangles however. It's really light and doesn't weigh my hair down at all.

Heat protectant/shine: Sebastian Trilliant Complex *new

This protects my hair from heat stying and makes it look SO gorgeous and shiny but doesn't make my hair oily. Another major bonus, it smells divine! My friend Debbie got me using this, I think it's totally worth the $$ price tag! You don't need a lot either 1-2 sprays will do just fine. (I have a lot of hair so sometimes I have to do 3-4..haha)

Straightner: Tokidoki Pink Lametta Flat Iron *new

This straighter does not pull my hair and it's not bulky. It heats up really fast too. Oh, not to mention it's adorable! Drives me a bit crazy that I bought it for full price (almost) and now it's on sale...but eh, I like it so I don't have any regrets. =p